A Boost of Qi


Everybody wants it, few truly have it. Having adequate energy or qi to perform our daily required activities is at times elusive. How is it then that many people seem to have endless abounding energy, enough to seemingly spare and share with the world? Like the energizer bunny we have be stimulated to be stimulated. From Starbucks to Red Bull our lives are one big fabrication when it comes to having enough energy (qi) to work, raise a family, have a partner, take care of a house, business, yard, and still give your self enough free time to maybe have some fun. We are constantly on the go and living with this kind of daily stress wreaks havoc upon our nervous system. Eventually we can exhaust our essential energy (qi) and that’s when the curtain comes down for the last time.

The fountain of youth, that sweet elixir of life is what it has always been …….a legend.
In my experience I have found one way to rebuild and harness this essential energy, through healthy balanced living.

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