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Is it really a secret? The power of positive thinking that is? Is it really adequate to just think good thoughts? Will looking through rose colored glasses truly give us the winning life we so fervently desire? I attempted to answer these questions by asking an eight year old girl, who promptly answered me with a shoulder shrug and “I don’t know”. She then walked away to finish the cardboard dragon she was making in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Maybe that’s the real answer; we should all stop worrying about positive thinking and just be positive about something, anything like making a cardboard Chinese dragon.

Imagine if we could all just look at life again through the filter of our eight year old child. How different would the world be? How incredibly amazing might it be just to take the time to create something that wasn’t on TV or a computer. How exhilarating would it be to wonder with imagination instead of your PSP 3 or Wii. How would it feel to question alleged reality with possibility?

My premise in regard positive thinking is that we all try too hard. Being positive in everyday life should be easy, serendipitous and most of all fun. It shouldn’t be work to maintain a positive outlook.

Some are skeptical in regard to the belief in positive thinking, specifically positive thinking as it relates to health and wellbeing. If we explore the words health and wellbeing we find that the definition of health is not just the absence of sickness but the presence of wellbeing. Then we must examine the word wellbeing. Wellbeing is the state of being well, fine, in a good way, healthy, sound and thriving. Hmmm, doesn’t that make your wheels turn?

If health is a state of wellbeing and wellbeing is being in a healthy, good way can’t we deduct that one would most likely be in a positive frame of mind in order to have health and wellbeing?

Well, it makes sense to me. But then I have day after day of experiences with patients that are either carrying around a positive outlook or a negative one. It never fails to amaze me that whichever outlook a specific individual carries they are successful in proving their beliefs every single day.

For example, take John the 40 something divorcee who beliefs strongly that the life is unfair and the world is out to cheat him. Every time I see him he has evidence to offer me proving that his premises are indeed correct.

On the other side there is Jason who really sets out to prove that a winning life is possible and that it is effortless. His belief system includes the concepts that life is easy; he is lucky and always has the glass half full mantra somewhere in his subconscious.

Both of these men prove they are right everyday; the only difference is what they are right about. So which is it for you? Are you a Jason or a John? What do you prove day in and day out?

In Chinese medicine there is a concept of weak constitution – strong spirit and strong constitution – weak spirit.

The simple facts are; a person may have a weak constitution based on DNA, but have the spirit of a tiger, fighting for health and wellbeing. These individuals according to Chinese Medicine are more likely to achieve good health than the strong in constitution but weak in spirit. For me strong spirit has all to do with the power of positive thinking and a positive outlook in regard to life in general.

Positive thinking is truly a choice. So my friends choose wisely and take the time to create the possibility of positive thinking in your life. Good luck in your journey toward health and wellbeing.

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