Detoxification- A Key in Preventing Dis-Ease!

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One of the key 2016 buzzwords we are hearing on a daily basis is “detox!” Detox your mind, detox your body, detox your spirit... what does all this detoxing mean? More importantly, what do we need to be detoxing from in the first place? Detoxification means a process to rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.

In our modern world, we are exposed to toxins in an assortment of ways including the environment, our food and drink, toxic relationships, and even in the things that make us pretty. They are everywhere, and you really can’t avoid them, so the question is... how do we find balance? The answer is detox yourself!

How and what do we need to detox? From a prevention perspective, eliminating undesirable and unwanted substances, thoughts and energies will help create a more positive and optimal life. The list of “stuff” we need to detox from is ever growing. At the top are these everyday items; inflammatory foods like sugar and dairy, chemicals in the water, the pesticides and even the air, our perfumes and body lotions, the list is ever growing. Beyond what goes into the body there are other types of toxins we are exposed to daily; radio waves from cell phones, toxic relationships, and the worst... your inner critic. Negative thoughts and energy can play havoc on the body and the mind.

We have some suggestions on how you can get started detoxing many aspects of your life!

For the body:
o Infrared Saunas to get your sweat on and your toxins out!
o Elimination diets to cleanse inflammatory food buildup
o Coffee Enemas to increase your glutathione production, and decrease your toxic load
o Exercise! Move your physical body and sweat those toxins out
o Systemic cellular detoxification – because your colon isn’t the only spot toxins like to invade
o Take a break from fragrances; you don’t have to wear them every day

For the Mind:
o Meditation can calm the mind and create peace in chaos. Try joining a group, using guided meditation recordings, or taking a mindfulness class
o Discover your inner critic and find ways to quiet the voice
o Hit pause on the negative exposure: avoid watching the news or reading the paper and unsubscribe from news notifications for at least 15 days
o Disengage from social media use for a few weeks

Energy Fields:
o Avoid using Bluetooth headsets
o Do not talk on cell phones or sleep with them in your bedroom
o Unfriend (in real life) individuals who sap your energy and leave you feeling drained
o Cultivate a circle of friends that support, love, and accept you unconditionally
o Take a daily break from ALL technology
o Go outdoors! Spend time in nature

It occurs to me that in this contemporary life we all live, we humans have become completely disconnected with nature. And in that disconnect, we have forgotten that we too are nature. We must recharge ourselves, and the simplest way to do this is to go outside. Even sitting in the sun for 15 minutes would do the trick that is as long as you take an electronic break. Being mindful and taking nature in is an amazing experience. I am reminded of a Nature Cure class I took as a part of my doctoral residency program in Austin, Texas. We jumped into a fresh spring and then were wrapped up in white sheets and a wool blankets up, to our necks. We laid directly upon a grassy knoll with our heads pointed to our personal Feng Shui Gua direction. In time and mindfulness, I seemed to become reconnected to the trees, the birds, wine and sky. It was a wonderful experience; I have never felt so completely connected. I encourage you to experience the same.

If you would like to learn about how you can detox your life, join us for a FREE seminar, Detoxification – A Key in Preventing Dis-ease, on Wednesday, March 22 at 6 pm.  We will be discussing how you can use saunas, footbaths, and other tools to detox yourself completely. Seating is limited; please call 951-951-1119 to reserve your spot.

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