A Review of Kevin Trudeau’s New Book, “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About”

You may wonder why I would even waste my time writing about this book. I wouldn’t have except that I have been inundated with calls and appointments from patients that have read this book or seen the infomercial and are really afraid of dying immediately from toxins in their shower water.

Anything that is founded in a base of fear cannot be truth.

It is amazing to me that a book like this can be exposed to the public and be taken as absolute truth when there is not one referenced statement in the entire essay. What I mean by “referenced” is that there are no references for where Mr. Trudeau has found the facts he espouses. That means that there is no readily available proof for anything written in the book. Are we to believe that Mr. Trudeau is channeling a source of biblical inspiration that needs no proof? Maybe all I need is to have faith…

What I do know after reviewing this book, is that maybe twenty-five percent is valid and readily proven. The rest is all opinion and conjecture. My belief is that Mr. Trudeau is trying to make money and does not have the public’s best interest at heart. I bought the book to better understand what Trudeau understands about natural cures. What I got was a teaser that said if you want this natural cure go to my website and join as a private member.

” It’s all about the money” is quoted over and over in the book. I wondered how much could it be to join the website and get the news letter? I found later that there is an $8 charge to be a member. Mr. Trudeau keeps stating throughout the book that he doesn’t care about making money! I couldn’t help but wonder, if the book costs approximately $25.00 per copy and the front of the book states “over 2 million sold.” Well, you do the math.

I did some more exploring. The following quote appears on the website www.naturalcuresrevealed.com: “Adopting as both his business and personal mission statement to positively impact the whole person, Kevin has built a $2 billion global empire”.

Trudeau repeats over and over in his book that “I am not selling any particular product.” He does a lot of product endorsements however. For example, if you look for the cure for Diabetes you will find a product called Diabeticin. It retails for $74.95 per one month supply. I tried to download the label but was unable. For someone allegedly protecting the public, he doesn’t seem to care about sending people to a website for their unmarked package of magic bullet supplements. This website will sell to anyone without doing an intake or medication review to determine whether or not there may be an adverse interaction. How is this protecting the public?

The book does offer some useful information such as the following:
~ Many alternative treatments were referenced with good websites. For example, the NCCAOM was listed which is the certifying agency for Acupuncture physicians, nationwide.
~ Many health recommendations were listed that holistic practitioners have been encouraging for decades. Examples include getting good rest, drinking clean water, eating organically, detoxifying, getting adequate exercise, and supplementing your diet with minerals and nutrients.
~ The statement 15 colonics in 30 days and a complete colon cleanse are listed in succession. I think 15 colonics may do the trick without the complete cleanse. You will be fortunate if your colon could continue its own peristalsis after that many cleanses.
~ Trudeau also writes about energy balancing. Energetic medicine is the wave of the future. Using noninvasive techniques to balance the body and bring it into homeostasis is truly phenomenal. Electro dermal machines, Body Talk and NET are all examples of energy based medicine.
~ There is an emotional and spiritual component to all illness. This is true whether it creates the illness or it is a manifestation of the illness.

While these are just a few of the recommendations that he makes, the most positive result of the book is that it gets people thinking. A lot of people are thinking about how to create a healthier life for themselves and their families. That’s a good thing.
All natural holistic physicians and practitioners can play a part in helping to educate the public. That’s the key to helping create a shift in consciousness.

This is where you will find accurate, safe and reliable information to begin your journey to health.

The natural supplement industry has become a trillion dollar industry. People like Kevin Trudeau are taking advantage of the public’s willingness to listen and blind desire for the quick fix to any perceived problem. People are frustrated with the limitations of Allopathic (Western) medicine and are seeking alternatives. The challenge is to find the quality products that are sold by individuals or companies that run the necessary testing to prove safety and efficacy. Remember, the FDA does not protect the consumer from the companies that sell you chalk instead of calcium. The FDA is also the group who told us that Vioxx and Celebrex were OK. If you have read this book or seen the infomercial and have serious questions about your health, please seek out a qualified licensed natural healthcare practitioner and make an appointment. The truth is there for you to find without fear and without 15 colonics in 30 days.

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