Freedom From Fatigue

Fatigue is exhausting on both the body and the spirit. Extreme lethargy…no motivation…no energy to do anything – even think. These are classic symptoms that you suffer from a condition that seriously impacts your life. That’s why the Family Healing Center treats fatigue seriously.

From stress and chronic pain to diabetes and high blood pressure, there are many factors that slow you down. The Family Healing Center can help you discover those root causes, treat them wholly and give you back your boost.

Healing naturally
Founded in 2000, the center’s primary focus is to promote natural health and wellness. The Family Healing Center applies a combination of healing solutions that are fully customized to your particular type of fatigue. Everyone experiences situations differently and manifests ailments according to those experiences.

Fatigue is a symptom of our physical body being out of balance. To help you find your balance, the Family Healing Center employs treatments such as energetic medicine. Energetic medicine identifies and balances your physical and energetic body systems.

Use of various methods of diagnosis including laboratory test analysis and the four pillars of tradional chinese medicine help to guide the practitioner in creating a unique wellness plan.

Releasing the Pressure
While acupuncture is a part of the overall treatment of energetic medicine, it alone has many benefits. Use of tiny sterilized needles to stimulate acupuncture points on the body stimulates them and releases blocked energy. Your health is restored – and so is your vigor.A listless body leads to a weary soul. The Family Healing Center will give you the strength to fight fatigue – and the energy to live.

Treatment of Infertility

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