A Boost of Qi


Everybody wants it, few truly have it. Having adequate energy or qi to perform our daily required activities is at times elusive. How is it then that many people seem to have endless abounding energy, enough to seemingly spare and share with the world? Like the energizer bunny we have be stimulated to be stimulated. From Starbucks to Red Bull our lives are one big fabrication when it comes to having enough energy (qi) to work, raise a family, have a partner, take care of a house, business, yard, and still give your self enough free time to maybe have some fun. We are constantly on the go and living with this kind of daily stress wreaks havoc upon our nervous system. Eventually we can exhaust our essential energy (qi) and that’s when the curtain comes down for the last time.

The fountain of youth, that sweet elixir of life is what it has always been …….a legend.
In my experience I have found one way to rebuild and harness this essential energy, through healthy balanced living.

What is Qi?
In Oriental Medicine, Qi is the energy that makes our body function. It is the sparkle in your eye and the glisten of your skin. With too much we appear hyperactive and with too little we are fatigued and lethargic, unable to even complete our daily activities without great distress. In western terms Qi can be associated with the adrenal glands. Once the adrenals are exhausted even the smallest activity can feel like climbing Mt. Everest, without adequate training or gear.

How do I know if I have exhausted Adrenals (qi)?
Here are some questions to ask; Are you tired all of the time? Do you avoid activity even though you may really want to get outside and do something? Do you use stimulants like caffeine or drugs? Are you still tired even after sleeping? Do you have racing thoughts when you stop working? Do you have decreased libido, hair loss or digestive disturbances? Do you sweat spontaneously or with little activity? If you have answered yes to even a few of these questions chances are your adrenals need some perking up. Your qi can be enhanced by living a healthy balanced lifestyle.What is a healthy balanced lifestyle?

A healthy balanced lifestyle is when the body, mind and spirit are in harmony. There are no pains and aches, the body is strong and free from physical restriction in movement, the mind is clear of clutter and the spirit is unrestricted and able to soar. How do I get to this planet you ask???The Recipe Exercise, Nutrition, and Meditation are the keys to the kingdom. In order for the body to be strong, free of pain and unrestricted in movement you must actually move. Exercise is an absolute necessity for healthy balanced living. From walking to roller blading regardless of skill level you need to perform some exercise everyday for a minimum of 30 minutes. You should seek professional help if you are a beginner and you should always get clearance from your physician if you are medically fragile. Licensed athletic trainers are a good resource because they understand the mechanism of injury and can help assist you in a program that will be sure not to exacerbate any preexisting physical problems you may have.

Nutrition, another required factor is so controversial now with all the fad diets and best selling books on the market. A good rule of thumb is to drink clean water, eat clean whole foods and if you want to lose weight, eat fewer calories and exercise more. Processed food is anything that no longer looks like the food it claims to be ie: powdered orange drink. Whole foods do two things: one, they look like food and two, they spoil. If you can store something for longer than a week chances are it is not a whole food.

Meditation, the last key is needed to clear the clutter from you mind and allow your spirit to be what it is truly meant to be. I am not suggesting you need to be a Guru or join an Ashram. I am however suggesting that everyone requires quiet calm time to process and rejuvenate your mind. Since more theories arrive everyday regarding the body healing itself the mind needs to be clear and calm to enable such a healing. A good resource is your local new age store that houses guided meditation tapes. These are easily followed and great to start with. Other activities like Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Kung are blends of physical exercise with a meditative aspect all are equally fantastic in the rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit.

Finally, there are times when the body, mind and spirit continuum are so out of alignment that guidance is required. Natural healing modalities such as acupuncture, homeopathy, supplementation and Chinese herbs can be used to help guide the body back into harmony. A good resource is an Acupuncture Physician who is trained in many natural modalities as well as nutritional counseling.

You’ve got the recipe now the only ingredient to add is you.
To borrow a phrase…..just do it!!!

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