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SUPPLEMENT of the MONTH!! - Xymogen Vitamin D3 5000IU


It's that time of year again .... cold and flu season is right around the corner. What are you doing to prevent the onslaught of illness at your house? Vitamin D3 is one of the foundational nutrients for bolstering the immune system against both viral and bacterial attacks. Not to mention all the other systems vitamin D supports such as; bone and dental health, healthy cell differentiation, neurologic and cognitive health, musculoskeletal comfort, cardiovascular health and healthy blood sugar levels.  Did you know - that low cholesterol diets and certain cholesterol suppressive therapies can also affect vitamin D formation? What you do not know may indeed hurt you.

Check our xymogen's organic olive oil sourced vitamin D - No GMO for my patients!!

To purchase this product please visit the FHC at Midtown Medical Park!

SUPPLEMENT of the MONTH!! Xymogen OptiMag Neuro
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