Supplement of the Month- Genestra Bio Enzymes


It's that time of year again .... when we all seem to indulge just a little bit more. Thanksgiving celebrations bring vast quantities of savory dishes and sweet treats to lure us away from our healthy nutritional plans. During these festive and challenging times digestion can become sub-optimal and symptoms manifest such as bloating, belching, and flatulence. One of my favorite products to combat this "gas attack" is Bio Enzymes by Genestra. These chewable tablets taste great and get the job done. Bio enzymes have plant and animal based enzymes for the best results possible. I love Thanksgiving and nothing brings that celebratory vibe down faster than a stink fest at the dessert table. So instead of clearing a room why not just chew a bio enzyme and help us all out.

To learn more about Genestra and their product line click here

To purchase this product please visit the FHC at Midtown Medical Park or any other professional supplement store/pharmacy.

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