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Smoking is one of the most detrimental habit forming activities we can participate in. Increasing numbers of research studies have been published that detail the extraordinary harm that smoking can cause. Lawsuit upon lawsuit has been filed to rectify physical and emotional damage that big tobacco companies have created through their marketing strategies and addictive additives. The courts have even ordered those companies to create marketing programs to advise and warn about the problems related to smoking. Despite all of this information millions of Americans continue the habit. This should be proof enough of the addictive nature of cigarette smoking.

There are many different approaches to smoking cessation; the patch, inhalers and prescription drugs to name a few. Fortunately, there is a successful natural approach to smoking cessation. Acupuncture can help people to recover from addictions, including drugs, food, alcohol and tobacco. Western science has confirmed that acupuncture treatments change chemical levels in the body and regulate the nervous system.

Acupuncture has been practiced in China and other Asian countries for over 3,000 years. Treatment for addictions started in China when a doctor applied acupuncture needles to a patient for surgical pain. Several of the surgical patients were also heroin addicts. The doctor noticed that during the course of their acupuncture treatments the withdrawal symptoms from heroin were reduced or resolved completely. Current research studies show that auricular acupuncture treatments (ear) are very successful in reducing or completely resolving addiction to smoking tobacco.

The course of treatment is usually 10 sessions. In the first week four or five sessions consecutively are needed depending on the severity of the addiction, some only need three sessions the first week. After the initial treatment the course is two treatments per week for several weeks then one treatment per week. If relapse occurs or something stressful happens in your life, then additional treatments are recommended.

The smoking cessation program at the Family Healing Center incorporates a tea to drink that assists in the reduction of cravings. Due to the increased levels of toxic residue smoking leaves behind, a homeopathic liquid is given to assist with your detoxification.

The procedure is simple, tiny sterile needles are placed in each ear for 30-45 minutes. Additional body points are used to assist the body in its own regulation and detoxification. After the treatment ear seeds are placed in one ear to continue stimulating the acupuncture points. The vacarria seeds are held in place with small pieces of tape. The patient can press on these points and assist in reducing cravings.Be sure to find a board certified and licensed Acupuncture Physician to assist you in your smoking cessation program.

In the state of Florida Acupuncture physicians are required to complete a 5 academic year course of study after meeting the mandatory academic prerequisites. After completing the required coursework a national board examination test must be passed and malpractice insurance obtained before a license will be issued. Chapter 457 of the Florida code describes acupuncture physicians as primary care practitioners who are able to order and utilize laboratory testing. Acupuncture physicians are regulated under the same federal laws and rules in regard to the healthcare privacy act.

Nearly one in ten adults (approximately 20 million people) in the United States has received acupuncture and sixty percent say they would readily consider acupuncture as a treatment option, according to the findings of a national survey by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Nearly half (48%) of the individuals surveyed who had received acupuncture reported that they were extremely satisfied or very satisfied with their treatment, and only eighteen percent of respondents reported being not very satisfied or not at all satisfied with their treatment.

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