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Natural Approach to Migraine Relief: A Conversation with Dr. Christina Captain

Migraine headaches, recognized as a disease by the American Migraine Foundation, impact over one in seven people globally. These debilitating headaches can make daily life challenging for sufferers. However, natural medicine offers hope. Dr. Christina Captain, a renowned natural medicine practitioner, shares her insights on managing migraines naturally.

Understanding Migraines:

Migraines are typically characterized by unilateral, throbbing pain often located behind an eye. Accompanied by numbness, tingling, anxiety, nausea, and possibly vomiting, migraines can severely interfere with daily life. Chronic migraines affect women more than men, with one in five women and one in sixteen men being sufferers. Hormonal changes, certain foods, and lack of sleep are common triggers.

Approach to Treatment:

When patients approach Dr. Captain with migraine complaints, she first ensures that conventional care practitioners have assessed them to rule out any severe underlying conditions. Once this is done, the focus shifts to identifying whether the problem is structural, for example, due to a cervical spine issue or triggered by factors like hormones, food, or lifestyle.

Natural Medicine to the Rescue:

Dr. Captain's clinic integrates Eastern medicine and functional acupuncture with conventional care. The goal is to avoid heavy drugs and anti-seizure medications often prescribed for migraines. Instead, non-invasive methods like physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture are used. In one instance, a new mom suffering from major migraines saw a tremendous improvement after a basic chemistry blood panel revealed a low level of certain nutrients. By replenishing these nutrients and using calming acupuncture, her migraines were eliminated.

Chronic migraines can make life miserable, but there's hope. Dr. Christina Captain and her team are dedicated to providing natural solutions, offering a ray of hope for migraine sufferers. For more information, visit 

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