All You Need is Love, Right?

February, the month of love, sweethearts and chocolate not necessarily in that order, of course. Picture this; you are getting ready to go out with your sweetheart to celebrate Valentines Day. While getting ready, you feel that subtle nervous tension that comes from anticipation of your 2008 Valentine. You want everything to be perfect, EVERYTHING! Suddenly you catch a glimpse of your face in the mirror, you stop, turn and face the mirror. In an instant it has become your judge, jury and well you know. It is the horror of all horrors, ……… are OLD. For a second you have the thought of smashing the mirror and running, in medical anti-aging circles this is called the smash and run secondary to extreme contact with reality.

You open an inquiry, when did this happen? When did I pass the point of no return?

You see, we all have this picture of ourselves that we carry around in our minds eye. And lets face it folks, it has nothing whatsoever to do with reality. It is only in those brief moments of lucidity that we can see through our veil of Bu – - Sh-t, to the reality of our own aging process.

And while February tends to conjure up feelings of love for most, I am not sure that Love is all we need, when it comes to the aging process. For those individuals that may not want to participate in the smash and run here is an illustration of a natural facial rejuvenation system that uses microcurrent stimulation instead of needles. Despite this system’s lack of invasive needle use the result continues to be outstanding.

This particular type of non surgical facial system is called microcurrent facial revitalization or vibrational beauty therapy as developed by Dr. Darren Starwynn.

What is Vibrational Beauty Therapy?
Microcurrent facial revitalization or VBT is the practice of applying microcurrent stimulation to the face and neck over wrinkles, muscle origins, and selected acupuncture points, for the purpose of reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging, while enhancing the tone and texture of the skin.

What is a microcurrent?
Microcurrents are very gentle pulsed electrical currents that are usually used in the very low frequency range for therapeutic treatments. A Microcurrent is 1/1,000,000th of an electrical charge. Microcurrents are successfully used for pain control, wound healing and energy balancing. It was discovered that microcurrent stimulation has additional benefits of reducing wrinkles and regenerating healthy skin tissue only as a side effect of these other healing therapies. This is what began Vibrational Beauty Therapy tm research and development in earnest.

How was it discovered?
Whole body treatment is where facial rejuvenation got it start. A physician using microcurrent electro-medicine, treated a patient with bell’s palsy for facial paralysis. The treatment was very effective for the affected side of her face. So effective in fact, that she noticed her skin had a more youthful, lifted look and feeling. She returned requesting that the physician treat the other side of her face as well. After all who wants to be stuck with half of a face lift, even if it was done by accident?

What is the procedure?
There are five phases to the microcurrent facial rejuvenation therapy. The first phase is sliding and its purpose is to acclimate the skin, open the acupuncture meridians and improve circulation. Holding is the second phase and during which the muscles are reeducated and impurities are brought to the surface. Both of these phases are completed with a set of probes that deliver the current gently to the face. The practitioner moves the probes across the face while the patient is relaxed on the treatment table. The third phase is a VBT mudd mask, this lifts and tones the skin, assists in removal of lining, deep cleans pores and soaks up any impurities that still remain. The fourth phase uses a widely known technique called iontophoresis. This technique drives a natural plant based collagen into the skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The final phase uses a pair of wands that essentially massage the face targeting muscles and imperfections. The treatment is so relaxing most clients fall asleep.

How many sessions will I need?
Depending on the individual case, 6-12 sessions over an 6-10 week period are necessary to achieve significant results. More sessions will be required for smokers, the elderly and those in poor health.

Will I need Recuperation Time?
No, the VBT micro current system allows you to look wonderful immediately after the treatment. You can come in just for special events, receive a treatment and leave looking and feeling fabulous. It is a beneficial procedure for those individuals who are pre-surgical and it delays the additional enhancement needed post surgery.

The facial rejuvenation is not a replacement for surgery or injection therapies but is a viable alternative when either you do not want to have surgery or are in between surgeries.

Christina Captain, DOM, AP, the director of The Family Healing Center, can be reached for a complimentary consultation by calling 951.1119. For additional information visit the web at The Family Healing Center is located at 1219 East Ave S #104 , in Sarasota at the Midtown Medical Park.

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