Come Back To You!

Come Back To You!

Do you ever wonder how life can get so out of balance? It occurs to me that we just wake up one day feeling miserable, feeling like we do not know who we are anymore and really not understanding how we got to this point. Sort of like driving home from work and pulling into the driveway, but not remembering any of the stoplights, other cars or even the turns along the way. It is a dangerous business, not being aware (also known as “being present”) because it is in that state of distraction, where we can begin to wander off the path of balance and harmony, and directly into misery. That lack of attention is precisely why we end up feeling like we are totally “out of options”.

The good news is you do have options - being aware or present to the fact that you are out of balance is both the key, and the first step back to the “You” that “You” want to be. Awareness can come about in a multitude of ways; hopefully, it will not be the “universal baseball bat upside the head” in the form of a diagnosis. In my 25 years+ of experience treating patients, beginning with allied health, and now complementary/integrative medicine, the “diagnosis wakeup call” is the most profound, and seemingly most motivating of them all. My practice specialty is prevention, prevention from reaching the distracted “zombie” state, and prevention of the subsequent disease/disorder states that provide the devastating wakeup calls.

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