Let’s get “You” back to “You”! Looking to find your balance, nutrition is a great place to start. Christina Captain holds a Master of Science in Human Nutrition. She is offering 50% off in-office nutritional consultations throughout January. She will help you discover how to eat right, cook right and even indulging with the occasional splurge witho
This month’s featured product NATUR 4 is a revitalizing face and body cream that firms, smooths and moisturizes your skin wonderfully! Guna’s Natur 4 is a versatile face and body moisturizer that helps revitalize your skin in the new year. This innovative light-weight cream has a silky smooth texture and can oxygenate, restore dehydration and slow
  Do you ever wonder how life can get so out of balance? It occurs to me that we just wake up one day feeling miserable, feeling like we do not know who we are anymore and really not understanding how we got to this point. Sort of like driving home from work and pulling into the driveway, but not remembering any of the stoplights, other cars o
Magnesium has numerous health benefits:  Deeper SleepShort and Long term memory supportMood BalancingStress ReliefBowel RegulationMuscle Support OptiMag Neuro is a GREAT tasting powder that does awesome things for your health, Try some today! To learn more about Xymogen and their product line click here To purchase this product please visit th
Dear Friends, Natural Awakenings Magazine wants to know who and what are your favorite places and practitioners in our community. They are looking for your nominees for the 2015 NATTIE Awards, and we would love for you to cast your vote for Christina and your Family Healing Center! This is your opportunity to share with the Sarasota, Manatee and Ch
It's that time of year again .... when we all seem to indulge just a little bit more. Thanksgiving celebrations bring vast quantities of savory dishes and sweet treats to lure us away from our healthy nutritional plans. During these festive and challenging times digestion can become sub-optimal and symptoms manifest such as bloating, belching, and
A good multivitamin is the foundation of healthy aging and disease prevention however in searching for the one that is right for us we must remember that not all multivitamins are equal. Sometimes taking a multivitamin of poor quality can hurt more than help. For example look at the label for Centrum Adult multi vitamin; in addition to synthetic fo


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