Featured Product of the Month - "Drainer" by Newton Labs

Detoxifying is important for the body for many reasons, topping the list – it restores balance to your body’s entire system! Our featured product, Drainer is a professional strength formula that can help your body get back on the right track with gentle detoxification. Drainer combines homeopathic liver "drainers" with remedies that are known to su
Dear Friends, Natural Awakenings Magazine wants to know who and what are your favorite places and practitioners in our community. They are looking for your nominees for the 2015 NATTIE Awards, and we would love for you to cast your vote for Christina and your Family Healing Center! This is your opportunity to share with the Sarasota, Manatee and Ch
It's that time of year again .... when we all seem to indulge just a little bit more. Thanksgiving celebrations bring vast quantities of savory dishes and sweet treats to lure us away from our healthy nutritional plans. During these festive and challenging times digestion can become sub-optimal and symptoms manifest such as bloating, belching, and
A good multivitamin is the foundation of healthy aging and disease prevention however in searching for the one that is right for us we must remember that not all multivitamins are equal. Sometimes taking a multivitamin of poor quality can hurt more than help. For example look at the label for Centrum Adult multi vitamin; in addition to synthetic fo
If you even just glance at any media source, you will see news about the discovery of the "gut microbiome" and the beneficial bacteria that helps us in a myriad of ways from weight loss to maintaining our cognitive function. In short it helps us lose what we want to (fat) and keep what we don't want to lose (our minds). Multi-probiotic 4000 is a gr
Did you know that we offer discounted lab tests through LabCorp? We have a 24 to 36 hour turnaround—much faster than your typical practitioner office! There's even a LabCorp office right here in Midtown Medical Park for convenient blood draws. Whether it's a general blood panel or a highly specialized test, Christina will thoroughly review your res
The Family Healing Center is your source for Vitamin B-12 shots in Sarasota. B-12 is crucial for our health, from energy and weight loss, memory and focus, to stress and depression.   We're also proud to offer a special active B-12 and fat burner combination to aid you on your weight loss journey. Call 941-951-1119 to make your appointment for
Christina Captain, AP, DOM has recently completed her MSHN (Master of Science in Human Nutrition), expanding her knowledge base in order to serve you better and help you live your most vibrant life! Christina will be offering in-office nutritional counseling beginning this month. If you take advantage of these nutritional consults in February, you'


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