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Magnesium has numerous health benefits:  Deeper SleepShort and Long term memory supportMood BalancingStress ReliefBowel RegulationMuscle Support OptiMag Neuro is a GREAT tasting powder that does awesome things for your health, Try some today! To learn more about Xymogen and their product line click here To purchase this product please visit th
We want to give a BIG thank you to all of our supporters and fans in the community! This year Christina Captain and the Family Healing Center won in FIVE categories in the Natural Awakenings Magazine “Nattie” Awards. Favorite Natural Women’s Health Specialist of the Year: Dr. Christina Captain, Family Healing CenterFavorite
Everybody wants it, few truly have it. Having adequate energy or qi to perform our daily required activities is at times elusive. How is it then that many people seem to have endless abounding energy, enough to seemingly spare and share with the world? Like the energizer bunny we have be stimulated to be stimulated. From Starbucks to Red Bull our l
What is Qi and why do we need to know a quotient related to it? Pronounced Chee phonetically, it is prana, life source, vitality, and energy. It is what produces the sparkle in the eyes, the spring in a step and the luster of a complexion. Both complete models of traditional eastern medicine have references to Qi. Ayurvedic and Oriental medicine us
Using acupuncture and herbal remedies is not as far fetched as you may believe in relief of allergies. While spring and summer are the seasons of the year that bring us outdoors, many people are unable to enjoy these warmer months due to uncomfortable allergy symptoms. Traditional Chinese Medicine can help bring relief of symptoms, correct imbalanc
Acupuncture may not be the first method of treatment that comes to mind when deciding which path to follow for your child’s health. In fact the idea of having your child subjected to multiple needle placements may be horrifying to you. But it shouldn’t be. Acupuncture, one of the modalities in Oriental medicine is a safe, natural and effective alte
Knowledge is power and obtaining information relative to a healthcare decision is most important. There is so much controversy surrounding healthcare both traditional and nontraditional that decisions should not be made without having serious thought and research behind them. Education in regard to options, understanding specializations and asking
Fatigue is exhausting on both the body and the spirit. Extreme lethargy…no motivation…no energy to do anything – even think. These are classic symptoms that you suffer from a condition that seriously impacts your life. That’s why the Family Healing Center treats fatigue seriously. From stress and chronic pain to diabetes and high blood pressure, th


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