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REGISTER NOW Join Christina Captain, DAOM (c), for an informative presentation on ways to manage stress naturally. Christina is experienced in the fields of acupuncture, feng shui and nutrition and this presentation will demonstrate how these and other modalities can help you effectively manage everyday stresses. During this talk, detoxifying
Fatigue is exhausting on both the body and the spirit. Extreme lethargy…no motivation…no energy to do anything – even think. These are classic symptoms that you suffer from a condition that seriously impacts your life. That’s why the Family Healing Center treats fatigue seriously. From stress and chronic pain to diabetes and high blood pressure, th
Detoxification is a common buzz word for living a healthy lifestyle but how many of us really understand what it means to be toxic? Did you know that you are bombarded with toxins on a daily basis? A toxin is anything that irritates, inflames or causes a harmful effect in our body or mind. Toxins can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed on an external
Infertility is a common buzz word in the media today. Couples of all types are desperate to conceive and in their desperation are looking now to alternative medicines for an effective treatment. Chinese medicine is one of those alternatives that future parents are investigating. With the recent studies being published out of Britain, and the past S
Alternative Medicine can be loosely defined as anything that does not fit into the traditional western medical model. The Federal government has given it the more broad title of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine or CAM. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has granted millions of dollars for research of CAM therapies this year alone. A surve
The world of antiaging is a daunting place to make a decision regarding health and beauty. Most of the general public does not even know where to begin. Those of us, who are health conscious try to eat more organic and natural whole foods, exercise and take the appropriate supplements our bodies require for optimal health. Beyond this basic care we
Smoking is one of the most detrimental habit forming activities we can participate in. Increasing numbers of research studies have been published that detail the extraordinary harm that smoking can cause. Lawsuit upon lawsuit has been filed to rectify physical and emotional damage that big tobacco companies have created through their marketing stra
Who would have guessed that a war of the words between Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields would identify a much hidden disease? Now that we have come out of the closet so to speak about post partum depression where is all the information on alternative treatments? In order for the buzz to actually benefit women with a natural approach we need more info


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