Treatment of Infertility

Infertility is a common buzz word in the media today. Couples of all types are desperate to conceive and in their desperation are looking now to alternative medicines for an effective treatment. Chinese medicine is one of those alternatives that future parents are investigating. With the recent studies being published out of Britain, and the past S
Is it really a secret? The power of positive thinking that is? Is it really adequate to just think good thoughts? Will looking through rose colored glasses truly give us the winning life we so fervently desire? I attempted to answer these questions by asking an eight year old girl, who promptly answered me with a shoulder shrug and “I don’t know”.
February, the month of love, sweethearts and chocolate not necessarily in that order, of course. Picture this; you are getting ready to go out with your sweetheart to celebrate Valentines Day. While getting ready, you feel that subtle nervous tension that comes from anticipation of your 2008 Valentine. You want everything to be perfect, EVERYTHING!
2007 was an interesting year for me personally. I ended a long term relationship, developed a practice in Bradenton and then was forced to suddenly leave it, started practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, came to terms with my inability to make things turn out the way that I wanted them to and oh yeah almost met my maker in a morning car acciden
Welcome to the Family Healing Center blog. In the coming year you will be able to use this as a resource of information about Natural Healing and Eastern Healing Modalities. Every month I will publish an article about natural healing, living balanced lifestyles, spa treatments, acupuncture, (needle and no needle), electro therapy, laser acupuncture


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