Body Mind Spirit Cosmic Faire!

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st ~ 10AM-4PM   Join us for a Fun-Filled 2 Day Event - Featuring the best advances in alternative health, the latest in new thought presentations, 60 Exhibitors and, as always, a fine selections of psychics and mediums. Admission to our Event in the Sahib Shriners Grand Banquet Hall, Guest Speakers and unlimit
SLENDER ALL by CHI Health Slender All is an exclusive formula from Chi Health designed to reduce fat in in the bloodstream and help in weight loss. It binds to fat molecules preventing them from being absorbed into the bloodstream. The manufacturer suggests that it removes 51% of fat from meals if taken just before you eat.
Visit the Family Healing Center to try Nrf2 Activator TODAY! Nrf2 Activator™ is an exclusive formula from Xymogen designed to activate the Nrf2 genetic pathway. This pathway regulates the production of important molecules that energize antioxidant activity.  Super ingredients such as curcumin, green tea, sulforaphane (from cruciferous veggies)
Detoxifying is important for the body for many reasons, topping the list – it restores balance to your body’s entire system! Our featured product, Drainer is a professional strength formula that can help your body get back on the right track with gentle detoxification. Drainer combines homeopathic liver "drainers" with remedies that are known to su
One of the key 2016 buzzwords we are hearing on a daily basis is “detox!” Detox your mind, detox your body, detox your spirit... what does all this detoxing mean? More importantly, what do we need to be detoxing from in the first place? Detoxification means a process to rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances. In our modern world, we are expo
Let’s get “You” back to “You”! Looking to find your balance, nutrition is a great place to start. Christina Captain holds a Master of Science in Human Nutrition. She is offering 50% off in-office nutritional consultations throughout January. She will help you discover how to eat right, cook right and even indulging with the occasional splurge witho
This month’s featured product NATUR 4 is a revitalizing face and body cream that firms, smooths and moisturizes your skin wonderfully! Guna’s Natur 4 is a versatile face and body moisturizer that helps revitalize your skin in the new year. This innovative light-weight cream has a silky smooth texture and can oxygenate, restore dehydration and slow
  Do you ever wonder how life can get so out of balance? It occurs to me that we just wake up one day feeling miserable, feeling like we do not know who we are anymore and really not understanding how we got to this point. Sort of like driving home from work and pulling into the driveway, but not remembering any of the stoplights, other cars o


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