~ by Christina Captain, DAOM, MSAOM, MSHN, MA, Dipl. Ac, AP, SLP

What is Qi and why do we need to know a quotient related to it? Pronounced Chee phonetically, it is prana, life source, vitality, and energy. It is what produces the sparkle in the eyes, the spring in a step and the luster of a complexion.

Both complete models of traditional eastern medicine have references to Qi. Ayurvedic and Oriental medicine use the concept of Qi to balance and harmonize the body. In Oriental medicine the Qi travels through pathways aptly named meridians. Each meridian is connected to a primary organ of the body. Each organ is nourished by the Qi flowing smoothly and freely to and fro. Difficulties arise when here is too little Qi and/or it is not moving smoothly and freely throughout the meridians.

By utilizing this Eastern concept of Qi, I have developed a model that represents a range of “aliveness” for individual human bodies. The range itself is created by virtue of survey analysis for each individual. This scale of “aliveness and vitality is called the “QI QUOTIENT”.

The Qi quotient itself takes into account the constitution of a person, history of dis-ease and their current experience of health. The analysis of this information allows a prognosis to be made for health span and provides a relative value for level of aliveness or vitality, thus a “Qi quotient”.

To have a high Qi quotient is to be full of vitality and health. The higher the quotient the longer the health span is projected for. Remember, health span is what we are working to improve. Who really wants a long life span if it must be lived without health and happiness?

Once a Qi quotient is determined then one of two paths are initiated. The first path would be the path of maintenance and prevention, for those individuals whose Qi Quotient is high. The second is that of repair and restoration for those whose Qi Quotient is low and needs adjustment.

Making the decision to be on the path of repair and restoration is to take on a sometimes difficult journey, a journey that can seem arduous and stressful. The end result however is the absolute return to health, harmony and balance that is needed to have an awesome health span rather than a sickly unhealthy life span.

To be powerfully in control of your health, to be at cause for all the health or dis-ease experiences you have. To know it is always your choice, either to be healthful or not.

This is the final result.

Once you have an awareness of what is out of balance and what the underlying causes of the imbalances are then you can begin the path of repair and restoration. This path will eventually lead to balance on all levels.

We can utilize diagnostic testing to determine specifically what may be at cause of your dis-ease or we can treat symptomatically. We first rule out any major issue that might require western/allopathic intervention then we move forward. Some types of diagnostic testing, should you choose that route, may be laboratory hair, blood, saliva, urine or stool analysis to determine heavy metal toxicity as well as nutritional deficiencies and other imbalances.

You definitely do NOT need to use all of these tests to get started and in some cases you never need to be tested.

The treatment model to enable this movement forward toward health includes but is not limited to; specific treatment modality, nutrition, exercise, meditation, detoxification, and feng shui. This plan may seem simple, and it is as easy as you can make a choice. The implementation of the plan however is not so simple and requires both personal responsibility as well as discipline to recover and raise your Qi Quotient.Don’t you want to find out what your Qi Quotient™ is?

Take the following Qi survey and see how your energy rates! It's quick, painless, and only takes a minute. You will receive an email with your score and an invitation to request a consultation to discuss your Qi Quotient results.
Qi Quotient Survey
Please take a moment to complete this survey.

What is your age?
What is your gender?
Are you a cancer survivor?
What is your race?

What is your education level?

Do you have all the necessary energy to fulfill your daily work and play activities?

Do you fall asleep easily, stay asleep and wake rested?

Do you eat fresh, whole organic foods?

Do you regularly sauna, use homeopathics or other forms of detoxification to rid your whole body of toxins?

Do you exercise three times per week or more?

Do you have daily bowel movements?

Do you see a healthcare practitioner for wellness visits? (annual exam, labs, preventative)

Are you happy?

Is your mind focused, clear and sharp?

Do you meditate?

Do you have a spiritual practice?

Do you drink clean spring water?

Do you take drugs on a regular basis, either OTC or as prescribed by your doctor?

Do you experience gas (flatulence, belching), bloating and other GI difficulties?

Do you have chronic pain anywhere in your body?

Do you have sexual dysfunction or reduced libido?

Is your daily stress level unreasonable?

Do you experience mood swings, irritability, depression, anxiety or mania?

Are you 20 or more pounds over your ideal weight?
Do you have a history of cancer with chemo, radiation or other forms of treatment?


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