Infertility Treatments

People who struggle with fertility issues often also suffer from stress and other emotional effects, in addition to hormonal conditions. Dr. Captain, a nationally board-certified acupuncture physician, has great experience in the treatment of infertility with acupuncture. 

Acupuncture is well known to enhance the efficacy of infertility treatment. From raising testosterone and sperm count in men to allowing for more successful implantation in women, acupuncture is an effective technique to increase the odds of having a successful pregnancy. The stress relief brought about via acupuncture alone increases the chances of success in treatment.

Can Acupuncture Help Increase Fertility?

Despite a lack of consensus in research, many women have conceived on their own or during fertility treatments while undergoing acupuncture.  In conjunction with stress reduction techniques, appropriate exercise, nutrition and supplementation, chances of conception skyrocket. Treatment for both partners can be the crux of success.

When Is Acupuncture Appropriate To Begin?

Acupuncture may be started when a woman begins trying to conceive, immediately before beginning allopathic fertility treatments or after several unsuccessful months/years of trying on their own or with fertility treatment.

Is Acupuncture Continued After Conception?

Many women will continue acupuncture treatments to support their pregnancy and overall well-being. After pregnancy occurs, a combination of acupuncture, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations can be used for stress reduction, to minimize nausea, headache and to alleviate low back pain or pressure that is common in the later stages of pregnancy.

What Are Possible Theories of How Acupuncture May Improve Fertility?

From historical and modern Eastern and Western acupuncture medicine authorities, it is thought that acupuncture may improve fertility rates by helping to regulate menstrual cycles and ovulation, regulating hormone levels, increasing blood flow to the uterus, and by improving the quality of eggs and sperm. Specific mechanisms have yet to be borne out of research. 

How Many Sessions Are Usually Recommended for A Patient with Fertility Concerns?

Pretreatment for a minimum of two menstrual cycles appears to be highly effective in eventual conception. Generally, three months prior to conception until reaching the second trimester is recommended for pregnancy support.

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