Jaffe-Mellor  Technique 

The Jaffe-Mellor Technique™ (JMT™) is an effective energy therapy treatment for many autoimmune issues, such as food and pollen allergies, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s, lupus, arthritis, and neurological disorders. JMT™ is based on a theory that the human nervous system behaves similar to a computer. Just like a computer, the body collects “viruses” and other unwanted “cookies” like toxins that impede optimal performance.  In a computer we would run anti-viral software, defrag, update and then reboot the system.

The JMT™ protocol is designed to erase the “cookies” and “viruses” from the human biological “computer” and then upload the appropriate “programs” to enable optimal functioning. By allowing the human nervous and immune systems to function optimally, a wide range of issues can be addressed and resolved, from chronic pain to irritable bowel syndrome.  This protocol uses muscle response testing, systematic breathing, tapping and the stimulation of paravertebral segments to enable change. 

Dr. Captain is certified on the advanced Jaffe-Mellor Technique.

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