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Nutritional Counseling

Food is medicine and in our experience the most effective way to heal is from the inside out. That makes what we choose to put into our mouths on a daily basis the most important choice we can make. So many disorders of the stomach and intestines, not to mention autoimmune issues, stem from our diet. At the Family Healing Center EVERY patient has a nutritional plan that is specifically focused on their specific needs. From weight loss to gastroparesis, Christina Captain can help you re-discover your wellness.


The Family Healing Center utilizes only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade supplements. This type of supplement is manufactured in a lab that is certified by the FDA and these products are available only to licensed healthcare providers. Since the FDA does not regulate the supplement industry, care must be exercised to use products from reputable companies or licensed practitioners that carry only the best. Remember that the word or concept of “natural” does not mean it cannot harm you. All things used to excess can absolutely harm us. That is why the Family Healing Center aims to educate all patients in the area of supplementation. At the Family Healing Center our philosophy is one of "less is more unless you absolutely need more". We will use evidence-based study combined with a functional approach that will create the ultimate experience for our patients. Supplements can include; vitamins, minerals, nutrients, homeopathics and both Chinese and Western herbs/botanicals.


Chinese herbs are an essential part of treatment and in many cases are the crux in resolving the issue. Pharmaceutical grade herbs are only available from a licensed physician and should be utilized as part of an overall treatment strategy. Chinese herbs come in various forms such as raw and patent. Raw formulas are the herbs in whole form and usually are boiled down into a tea for the patients use. Patent formulas are the same herbal formulas presented in pill format. Herbs are used to treat health challenges from pain to IBS.

Family Healing Center carries the following supplement lines:

• Xymogen
• Metagenics
• Seroyal - Genestra
• Heel
• Viatrexx
• Douglas Labs
• Herbal Times
• Plum Flower
• Kan Herbs
• Neuroscience
• Newton Labs

Now Accepting 

  • Cigna Insurance  - In network
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield - Federal Plans
  • MailHandlers Insurance
  • Whole Health Plan/AARP Alternative
  • Optum-UHC HealthCare Solutions
  • Evolutions Health Care
  • Manatee Health Network
  • Gulf Coast/BeechStreet Insurance
  • WebPTA


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